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>>> this is a fox news alert. we are tracking the action in libya, we're told the u.s. will launch missile strikes against libyan air defenses within the hour. french jets launching air strikes on libyan tanks and now nato members preparing jets to head to libya to protect citizens of the north african country. they are wrapping up an emergency meeting in paris a short time ago as french warplanes circle the skies enforce the no-fly zone. hello, welcome to a brand-new hour. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. the situation in libya is quickly developing as nato counties shift military resources to the region. molly henneberg is tracking that and live in the d.c. bureau. molly, good to see you. secretary clinton it's so unusual to hear from how severe things they are. should she did have a couple diplomatic points she wanted to make very clear clear. tell us about those. >> molly: that the u.s. backed international efforts to prevent libyan leader from muammar khadafy from attacking his own people but the u.s. would be taking a supportive role in any operation. >> we did not lead this. we di
: at this point, 7 ships are headed to japan including the u.s.s. ronald reagan that has medical facilities as well as air lift capabilities to move people and supplies. the u.s. has 38,000 troops who were already stationed in japan. the defense department put out a video of marines ready to head to mainland japan with other assets. secretary gates says the military wants to do whatever is needed by the government of japan or by the government in tokyo. >> we have the ronald reagan closing in japan. we are sending another ship, we're pulling in helicopters from around the region, from okinawa and so on. so those ships can be used for helicopter operations in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. >> molly: as far as american citizens in japan, so far the u.s. government has no reports of serious injuries or deaths. >> jamie: molly, the government is downplaying somewhat the risk of the radiation but search and rescue seems viable at this point. what teams other than we spoke will be going there. >> molly: they are serious experts. usig says two teams have been deployed to japan at the
about this? "jihadis that fought us the u.s. in iraq and afghanistan now enjoy american support in libya." excuse me? that means the people who we were actually shooting at on the battlefield, we now giving arms to in libya. this libya rebel commander says his fighters have al-qaeda links. we'll have more on the story at the bottom of the hour. let's see if we have this right. we have a nobel peace prize winning president, encouraging unrest in the mast. saying rise up, isn't this great? look, now people are rising up. people are getting killed everywhere. then he gave the commander to launch america's third military conflict with a muslim nation that poses no immediate threat. never made the case to the american people. and no exit strategy. no one is even asking or answering the question what does victory look like? chaos. the "new york times" is reporting now that the muslim brotherhood has now formed a tactic partnership with the egyptian military. oh, that seems great. and they're poised to grab control. what do you say? shirria law? no -- shiria law? no. in libya, guess who is lini
north of tokyo. 3,000 people were already evacuated, now more. meantime, a u.s. aircraft is headed to japan. a second is on its way to assist with recovery efforts. president obama says america stands prepared to assist in whatever way it can. >> i'm heartbroken by this tragedy. any assistance that we can provide wll be providing. japan i'm sure will come back stronger than ever, hopefully with our help. >> shepard: in the united states, waves are swamping hawaii beaches and damaging harbors in california along the boarder with oregon. that's where these pictures are. this is what many hawaiians woke up to in the middle of the night. [ buzzer ] a tsunami warning is in effect. >> shepard: we have team fox coverage of the epic disaster. alicia acuna at the earthquake center. and first, trace gallagher. japan continuing to get rocked. >> reporter: since the 8.9 earthquake, they have been struck with three major aftershocks and two were stronger than the san francisco earthquake in 1989. i want to show you video inside a grocery store. this will give you an idea -- this is an office bu
financial enemies were likely responsible for the u.s. financial collapse in 2008. that doesn't mean we're -- we were irresponsible as well, but they took advantage. the attack, which began in 2007, he says is a three-tiered attack the report claims two of the phases are complete. two of them. but the third one is not. he says it may be underway right now. he also, freeman, reports here on who the lead suspects would be. he said islamic terrorists. hostile members of the chinese military. or groups in russia. who are the best positioned in the economic battle space. now, here is where this thing doesn't feel right to me. this report came out back in 2009. the only reason why we're seeing it now is because someone in the d.o.d. thought that this report should be brought to public attention. it was made in 2009. the d.o.d. thought it should be brought to your attention. that alone to me is the biggest warning bell here. it should put your radar up, at least maybe say maybe i should read this and look into it. why should it be brought to your attention now? well, let me ask you, what was t
. now what did he do? well, he made coins. he made these. they are liberty dollars they look like u.s. dollars, don't they? i interviewed this guy when i was on the other network. i remember talking to him. i have thought okay, i kind of agree with out on the fed thing but what you are doing here kind of sounds illegal. he swore he was doing nothing wrong in the end it looks like i was right. he was convicted friday of making coins that resemble our united states coins, not tessing them. and trying to use them as currency. he had over $70 million in liberty dollars in circulation. this guy was misguided but he wasn't trying to bring down the united states. at least from what he told me. he believed the fed was destroying the dollar. and really? that's a hard stretch, isn't it? by the way, you have to watch the show on friday there is some truth to that. the unbelievable history of the fed. what is it? the monster? the creature of jekyll island. we will give you the truth and none of the crazy conspiracy theories on the fed friday 59:00. anyway, this guy, was creating what the governme
the u.s. and libyans. the congressional reaction and brit hume's analysis. plus, healthcare is one year old. top of the hour. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: i have to tell you, america. i wrote on this board over here about how the middle east would be set on fire. i told you that during tunisia. let me give you an update. bomb struck israeli bus stop in jerusalem this morning. one woman was killed more than 30 were injured. this was the first major palestinian attack in the city in years. it will get world health organization they're spoking israel. they want them to respond. in syria, forces opened fire on protesters killing at least 15 people. why don't we have a no fly zone there, too? witness described the scene like this. the security forces fired as they came from the north. bodies fell in the street. then we go to libya, we strangely are protecting the citizens. a country is in trouble and i fear is going to make england, france and the u.s. look bad. i wonder if that was intentional. the same time we go in and protect the innocent citizens of libya, the same weekend the german magazine "der
that happens once every 1,000 years. the u.s. geological survey says the quake shifted part of japan coastline. ready for this? japan has moved 13 feet closer to the united states. the earth moved ten inches because of this and the tsunami. the earth's axis was tilted slightly and shortened the length of the day by a couple of millionths of a second. part of japan's elevation has dropped do you remember the devastation in haiti do you remember what that looked like and how bad that was? that was horrible. but this quake in japan packed 1,000 times the punch of what hit haiti. you have probably seen the footage over and over again. i sat at my computer with my wife the other night looking at this stuff thinking oh, my gosh. moment that the earthquake struck. show the video of the buildings on the outside. this is amazing. watch the taller buildings. look at them sway. you will notice they didn't fall. whether this would happen in california now, i don't know. this is a testament to japanese ingenuity and honestly their preparation. they knew and they had prepared for years. then they were hit b
launches. i think it's an unnecessary and unacceptable risk for the u.s. i think the u.s. could support this with intelligence. as well as logistics. but i don't want to see u.s. aircraft involved in a no-fly zone. >> judge napolitano: walid, should the president of the united states ask you for his advice about whether any military assistance would work, having just heard what the general said and respecting him as i know you do, what would you tell the president? >> the best thing is not to involve any of our assets if we can. but time is not on our side. in the sense that what is happening in the opposition area is where i'm concerned. not really what gaddafi is doing. gaddafi could be taken out by either the united states or the europeans no doubt about that. but i'm afraid that the radical element will slowly creep in to the area of the command and soon we will have libya under gaddafi and maybe libya under a radical at the end of the day. it's a hard strategic choice to make. >> judge napolitano: last question, what do you think will happen? as things now stand, is he crazy enough
is going to make england, france and the u.s. look bad. i wonder if that was intentional. the same time we go in and protect the innocent citizens of libya, the same weekend the german magazine "der spiegel" comes out with a story of rogue soldiers in the u.s. army? is it a condense? sure it is. i'm sure it is. but there are no extremists. no islamists to get riled up. no, wait. we lost two german airmen or american airmen in germany recently. islamic terrorist, gunman, opened fire on gus full of the u.s. air force personnel outside of the airport. killing two, woulding two others. now coincidently. germany says no, they don't want to go to libya. but the france, the u.s., the u.s. forces, air forces go in, and go to libya. hmm. that is weird. same time we get the kill team maims or images from "der spiegel." now a senior nato officials say the images could be worse from anything that came out of abu ghraib. why? there is something here. according to "der spiegel,," "the united states and nato are concerned that the reactions could be intense to publication of alleged images killed by the
, "all we ever did was work against u.s. military aid." oh! that's all you did. work against u.s. military -- oh, okay. all right. ehas also previously spoketant international communist seminar in brussels. he delivered a speech called "a report on the labor union." and the labor movement that's great. he was also a leader of the new party. what's that? that is the socialist party that claims that barack obama was a part of it in illinois. but obama denies that claim. and it's also now known that the new party as the working families party. the labor unions party. started by joel rogers. remember him? the wizard. then abudiah, the executive director of the arab american action network this was founded by president obama's controversial friend riasheed khalidi. tight circle so far, huh? khalidi professor of colombia who justified suicide bombings as legitimate resince tans and he advocates sanctions against israel at aaan and received almost half a million of grants from the city of chicago. the woods foundation. where, remember, obama sat on the board of directors with bill ayers
nobody believed they could come to this point and that they could defeat the u.s. without guns and the world would turn guns on freedom. but we've here, gang. we're here. here we go. here are the things that just don't make sense. in libya. in libya. i don't even understand libya. let me go back to the beginning in libya. before libya, you have to go to tunisia. everything else is dominoes. tunisia. on january 31, i said tunisia might be our archduke ferd and in moment. i've been looking for it for five or six years. archduke ferdinand. the assassination ended up sparking a world war. but at the time, the public didn't perceive significance of that moment. tunisia may indeed in the end be our modern day archduke ferd and in moment to plunge the world to -- archduke ferdinand moment to plunge the world to war. the press covered. it but if it would have stopped there, it would have been a blip. wikileaks was influential in kick starting the uprising. wikileaks. anti-capitalism, knock america down. redistribute the wealth. anti-israel. all kind of motives with wikileaks. but they
in the entire world, so he probably knows a thing or two, says the u.s. treasurys, the things, you know, our debt have "little value" because of our ever-increasing debt burden. warren buffett suggested avoiding betting on the u.s. dollar because he believes it's about to tank. wall street is increasing their interest in what they call tail risk. what that is, is funds that are being set up by pimco, deutsche bank now and other wall street firms. we have been called crazy and we told you prepare. prepare. for massive stock market dives. the funds lose 15% per year in normal conditions but they are structured they're structured to cash in big-time in a time of crisis. nobody has done these before. people are now saying, i don't think this is good. something is going on. what else can i do with my money? now people are lining up to lose 15%. because they think massive trouble is ahead. wal-mart, the world's largest retailer working with suppliers now to minimize the impact of increasing cost to you. ceo bill simon of wal-mart says the cost increase are coming at a rapid rate. and that inflatio
to achieve utopia. evil. call it by name. it is evil. he said more. notice he said england, france and the u.s. why? he called them imperial nations. england, france and u.s. you don't think that there is any uprising in england or france is there? remember what i said. there is real problems in europe when you take the radical left and combine it with the radical islamic society. when you put the two together, it's on fire. so now we have england france and the u.s. we look the other way from israel. i'll give you that story in a second. it's for oil. it's wicked. he warned us that the situation is more complex. may i give you the same warning. he says he has friends all over the world. what does that mean this because i know i've seen pictures. he is obviously a friend. what does it mean that he has friends all over the world? he talked about waco and the religious hypocrites in the nation. i know i spoke out and i know all of my friends spoke out about waco. he called americans wicked demons. i should say he called white people wicked demons. again, all about race. he mentions wisconsin, oh
and advocated the violent overthrow of the u.s. government and the union rallied with a permit for the american dream event supplied with the international socialist organization. union workers, are you comfortable? because you are being used. they are organizing the organized. is that who you want to stand in solidarity. >> pretty sad that al-jazeera seems to see a bigger picture that u.s. news is not talking about. i am, van. he put a link from al-jazeera. he says in the arcticle it says this is not about egypt. this is about global revolution. i never thought i would see the day when van jones and i are thinking about the same truth. al-jazeera recognizes something that the media refuses or doesn't want to see. america, global revolution. i am sorry, you have to take it seriously . you must take van jones seriously. he is ahead of the game . if you want to see the future, look no further than van jones. he has dropped the radical pose and now focused on the hard part. this rally was a joke in turn out. 300 or 900 people. it was a joke, but it doesn't matter because it is not about today. all
will see a 3.5% increase in food prices, food riots could hit the u.s. as the dollar continues to devalue and oil costs more. weather will kill off crops. all of these things are a factor despite what the left greatest hope, we can control the weather we cannot. but we can control the printing of the certificates. we can control the eating or the spending of our cupcakes. if your income has gone up but you still can't afford or having a harder affording the stuff that you are used to, what is causing that? is it some big corporate crony, is it anti-union guy? no, the answer is not the cupcake certificates. it's the people printing them. bernanke, geithner and while you are told that the american dream is slipping away but you are not being told the truth of who is doing it. it's not the politicians that say we have to cut our budgets, it's the printing of money. the wall street journal has reported that the central bank has a new policy, federal reserve is cause can turmoil abroad, few of protestors connect it to washington but central bankers do. they complain the u.s. is exporting infla
lashes out at israel over 900 new housing units in march of 2010, israel ambassador to the u.s. says relations between our two countries is the worst in over 30 years. a week after that comment, this happens. president obama ditches big ten big ten nentynyau, the prime minister, by dining nearby and keeping him waiting waiting with the ad. israeli paper described this as "treatment reserved for president of equatorial getting." why is the president, why is he doing this? may 29. 2010. obama sides against israel in nonproliferation treaty conference. the white house then expresses deep regret for the loss of life over the israeli flotilla raid. and openly supports a resolution that condemns israel for acts resulting in civilian deaths during the israeli operation. let's not forget, who is involved with that? that is code pink and another blast from the past, william ayers. bernadine doran. then the obama administration says it's disappointed with the settlement. in february, obama officials confirm they'll support israeli anti-settlement statement. and then the u.s. vetoes blatant ant
, you were saying that there will be plenty of warning, should this be threatened, the u.s. west coast or hawaii or any of the places that are under this warning right now. there is plenty of time to act. but when you are thinking about a wall of the water coming toward you, what can people really do? >> reporter: listen i. evacuate? >> reporter: in a case where this earthquake happened, 80 miles from the coast, there is very little warning of that. and obviously, people felt this on the coastal areas, but they don't know where the center was. >> reporter: yes, we will have good information to know if there is a tsunami headed towards hawaii or the west coast. it is far enough away from the epicenterof this earthquake, we will absolutely know when something is coming. and that's great news. and people in hawaii certainly need to be watching this one very closely. people on the west coast, too, as well. you know, it's overnight and people are not paying attention to the news right now. if there would be any concern in the morning, people will need to be on top of that. >> that's the thi
if we have this right. israel and the u.s. is an obstacle to what he and his groups believe should happen. you know who else thinks that? osama bin laden. i know, how about like iran. wait, we didn't stand up for people of iran. that's a weird coincidence. it's almost like iran, they say we're the great satan and israel is the little satan they're just using satan while he is using obstacles. see? what about iran? iran is a little different they're spookier than spooky dude they want to wipe israel off the map and they just produced a video saying the islamic messiah is on his way soon. good, the messiah is coming? no. it's like it's opposite day reading the book of revelation. got it? how about the muslim brotherhood? the leadersers who are hopefully starting a war with israel. i have thought they should be brought in the political fold. i want to pretend for a moment that the news is just a bunch of completely spontaneous unrelated events. no one is orchestrating anything! and george soros wants all the countries of the world to have a jeffersonian constitution and there is nobod
dumped all the u.s. debt. jobless claims are rising. we have one more week to go until we get a budget deadline, meaning the government can't spend any more money. what will happen next month? the republicans have a solution for getting spending under control. who better to address all this is congressman paul. it's a pleasure. welcome to the glenn beck program. dow is down 228 points, president just borrowed $223 billion in the month of february. democrats in the senate are abandoning the president and their own leadership. who in the congress takes seriously the abyss that we are facing called bankruptcy, called $14 trillion in debt? >> i think there is probably about 12 of us that really care about it and cut the way we have to. we don't have any clout, really. i'm not very optimistic about what is going to happen on the short run. they can argue back and forth. they will limp along and have another cr but it's just a situation that overwhelming. the fact that the economy gets weaker, that we have employment improving and no inflation. i don't think the people believe that anymore.
security officials met with group of bipartisan foreign policy experts who advocate the u.s. get more involved in of all places egypt. what are the odds? now the bipartisan groups, they, they have all kind of people involved. project in the middle east for democracy. human rights watch. they have the carnegie endowment. they have the brookings institute. they have freedom house. and, of course, we know center for american progress. let me show you. this is so crazy. this is crazy. we know that george soros is involved in that one. and that one. and that one. that one. and that one. that one. but also at the table, on the obama side was a completely neutral samantha power. she is half of the most dangerous couple in america. i'll put here over here. he is the most dangerous man in america. cass sunstein. she is "danger" is her middle name. she is an aide to obama. and just in the last 24 hours, she was described by "time" magazine as "the foremost voice for human rights within the white house." she has obama's ear. according to the executive director of human rights watch. human rights
is emerging markets they're leading indicator for the u.s. stock market. the u.s. stock market. here is brazil and china. this is the s&p 500 which measures the american health. this is the health of the dollar. if you take a look back, these are all since 2007 i think. if you look back, here is our market crash. and the emerging markets, here is tarp and the stimulus stuff. emerging markets start to grow. watch this line. brazil. starts to grow. china, starts to grow. here is the crash. here is the crash. here is the crash. they all start to grow. here is the stock market. crash. and then it starts to grow. it's still trending up. they look great, right? trend lines are crucial. these can break. there is a short period of time once they break to change the trend line. we sigh it's going up. once it breaks it can challenge it like it did here. then it will go back up again. has a short period of time to get back over the trend line. if they don't change the trend, the trend line changes and it usually goes down, goes the opposite direction. emerging markets. you see it's broken the trend line.
for the united states? next. >>> president obama warns libya leaders that the u.s. and nato allies are still considering military options in response to violence called by gaddafi supporters. what impact could it have on the united states and rest of the middle east? joining us now, the former ciaa counterterrorism analyst and author of best book on osama bin laden. titled "osama bin laden." welcome to the "glenn beck program." >> thank you. >> how much of a threat is muammar gaddafi to the united states of america at the president time? >> zero, sir. >> what would be the basis? moral, political, economic or military for the american president to threaten military action against him? >> arrogance and racism is the answer. every time he opens his mouse he sounds like combination of kipling and woodrow wilson. he will teach the little brothers how to vote and elect people. a tragedy for america. he will get more of the kids killed in wars we can't get out of once we start. >> here is what i found dociling. over the weekend, secretary of defense gates said -- i'm paraphrasing -- any president t
the u.s. west coast. we will monitor that and monitor how the economy is holding up, how the world economy is holding up, and why we are very big inflection point here. we want to calm you down to see this big picture. they don't do that a lot. glenn beck is now. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." massive void of leadership in truth today. i defy you to find the truth when picking up the newspaper or watching the news no matter what the story is, challenge everything you read. take japan. you have people freaking out because the media is freaking out. now in california, they're buying iodine tablets. no, no, that's great. the united states surgeon general has supported the idea as a worthy precaution. even though other health officials will tell you ask your doctor. that's really unnecessary. and you don't want to take that stuff unless you're told to, because it can cause other problems. where is the truth? well, believe it or not, i found it in one of the most unbelievable places. i actually have respect for this guy, because he has never changed his story. ever. he i
the author of "pacific culture history of u.s.-japan relations," and the japanese national living in america. give us the translation of your first name. >>guest: it means man of order, harmony, order. and "man." >> that is part of japan, it is order. it comes from, actually, living under samurai and i will get to that history in a little bit because the problem with the government that changes things with the government and you wrote a piece in today's wall street journal that talked about "look out because the government can do some things here, nefarious people can do things to change a constitutional republic if a crisis this large. but, first, i am, we have given, how many billions $64 billion, rather, million, to the red cross in the first six days and it was over $200 for haiti and why want to talk about why that might be happening i want to talk about different ways we can help so we don't lose ourselves. you had a great suggestion of the troops. >>guest: it was possible for people to contribute to our troops who are working around the clock, 24/7, bringing if supplies, on the ground
to grasp. it's numbers on paper but like greece, ireland and spain and many other countries, the u.s.a. has bankrupted through a series of programs that are well intention had but poorly constructed. things have to change. i don't want to scare anybody, but if we don't down this road the american dollar will collapse and so will our entire economy. that is memo. now to the stop story, reaction joins us fox analyst, laura ingle. i hold in my hand, as johnny carson used to say, an ap urgent that says, governor scott walker will start issuing layoff notices tomorrow, friday, if the bill cutting benefits to the union workers in wisconsin and collective bargaining rights isn't passed. they are going to start laying people off. what do you think will happen when he starts to do that? >> reality as come home home to roost. you know steely dan song, black friday? black friday has come. if the democrats didn't stop their juvenile game of hiding out in the best western, they are on a slide. they don't stop their game they are doing, unfortunately you have to move forward and do the hard things you do
economy. we have problems getting our stuff into japan and china. i'm not seeing a big impacten 00 u.s. economy. >> i think that is probably correct. although some of our steel companies will benefit. there is apparently limited insurance company exposure to restoring and replacing that which is damaged. >> bill: have their own insurance. >> at that level. an insular economy isn't in this respect. it is a trading economy. they export to the world. and much of the world is dependent on japanese products. >> bill: all right. let's go to wisconsin. walker says the governor of wisconsin says, look, i had to break the union, and he did. let's be honest. >> he broke it. >> bill: because i had to get costs under control so that i can then rebuild the state's economic picture to the tune of 250,000 jobs. how do you create jobs by breaking the union? >> well, we're going to find out more in his state of the state message which will be next tuesday. what he is alluding to. i have talked with some of the folks there in madison, wisconsin. what he is alluding to is stripping away collective bargai
raising interest rates from their perspective crushing the u.s. economy. they're terrified of the so-called great depression that could be caused. the people are completely ignorant of what happens when you print money. it doesn't always go to cpi as friedman taught us. sometimes it goes to housing prices or oil. it doesn't go equally. therefore, sometimes hidden, but there is a massive inflation out there. >> judge napolitano: steve moore, eric bolling, yaron brook, thank you for joining us. president obama healthcare law hitting another roadblock today. details from congresswoman michele bachmann. next. >>> i'm patti ann browne. in egypt today, mohamed elbaradei, a key member of the opposition against mubarak's regime, who returned to egypt during the uprising, now says he intends to run for president. elbaradei formerly headed the u.n. nuclear watchdog agency. today, the senate voted against competing republican and democratic spending bill. the government is poised to partially shut down in nine days if lawmakers can't reach an agreement. and safe and nostalgic final landing for
position from the beginning of the revolution and the position of the u.s. administration in the middle east we reject this invitation." [ laughing ] things are going to get good. who did he pick? the winner of the final four. do we know? we'll get back to you with that news. we've got to look at the president's priorities. could be, could be that he is focusing on the fact that food prices saw their biggest jump since 1974. yeah. yep. that's just before carter came in to make things really bad. biggest since 1974. food prices. well, the president of the new york federal reserve was asked about it. because he was giving a speech and he said look, he's -- the cost of things going up. please. did you know you can buy an ipad two for the same thing you paid for ipad one and it's twice as powerful? the audience said i can't eat an ipad. that is my favorite quote of the day. no. no. the president is not worried about food prices going up. no. no. no. no. no. instead the white house has been preparing for a response to the shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. they have been working v
to hold back. holding back now would mean raising interest rates from their perspective crushing the u.s. economy. they're terrified of the so-called great depression that could be caused. the people are completely ignorant of what happens when you print money. it doesn't always go to cpi as friedman taught us. sometimes it goes to housing prices or oil. it doesn't go equally. therefore, sometimes hidden, but there is a massive inflation out there. >> judge napolitano: steve moore, eric bolling, yaron brook, thank you for joining us. president obama healthcare law hitting another roadblock today. details from congresswoman michele bachmann. next. join me at the top of the hour for "special report." now back 20 glenn's show. ♪ ♪ >> judge napolitano: the obama administration's healthcare law is one step closer to ending up in the supreme court. the white house has appeal adjudge's landmark ruling that the law is unconstitutional. because it forces americans to buy health insurance or be fined by the federal government. if you live in maine, listen to this. the entire state has been gra
if this farm produces nothing of value, they are getting money from the u.s. tax tear. >> maybe it is a waste of money. >> -- maybe it is. but it should be one thing that we as a nation are investing in so we aren't left behind. >> ge would not agree to be interviewed. it means companies are now getting embarrassed about the handouts. 13 years ago when i wanted to confront a business about its freeloading the ceo was so brazen he through me to his headquarters in one of his fancy jets. >> at the time this man was the biggest recipient of handouts, ceo of ethanol maker adm. >> you are pig feeding at the welfare trough. >> why should i care? >> it doesn't bother you? >> not a bit. >> many beneficiaries of corporate welfare believe they are being paid to help the country. what i'm providing is so good that it ought to be subsidized. >> unfortunately, a lot of american companies have become moochers off the government. they go to the government to manipulate the system in their favor. that's not what business and capitalism is about. >> today, unfortunately it is a way for capitalists to freeload
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